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Understanding magnetic therapy - both static and active.


Athletes and holistic health practitioners have used magnetic therapy for many years.  Magnetic therapy has been demonstrated to ease sore muscles and stiff joints. This is largely accomplished by the stimulating effect of magnets on the body, specificially the ability of magnets to stimulate circulation of blood flow through the soft tissue.
Static magnetic therapy features the placement of therapeutic magnets on the body and allowing them to work naturally with the body's own electrical pulses. Static magnetic therapy is very passive and enables the body to slowly and gradually adapt to the subtleties of the magnetic draw.  In the case of magnetic therapy for horses, there are many garments made for horses that contain therapeutic static magnets.  These include blankets and leg wraps.  Many individuals also make their own magnetic garments by purchasing high quality therapeutic magnets and affixing them to existing garments for the horse.
Active or pulsed magnetic therapy is the use of therapeutic magnets in conjunction with mild electricity.  In this case, the magnets are connected to a battery and a computer module, and at prescribed settings and intervals, mild electricity is introduced to the magnets to make their draw more powerful. The horse does not feel the electricity, only the magnetic pull.
Pulsed or active magnetic therapy is very popular among horsemen and there are several systems available on the market.  These systems come primarily in the form of a horse blanket, with additional leg or neck accessories available. Some systems also offer hoof treatment accessories.  There are many features that should be compared when shopping for a magnetic therapy system.
Michigan Equine Therapy offers magnetic therapy services and sales of magnetic therapy systems - both static and active.

STATIC MAGNETS:  We use and recommend NIKKEN brand therapeutic magnets for horse and rider.  NIKKEN has been a world leader in magnetic therapy for humans, and offers a wide array of health oriented products.  While NIKKEN does not specifically make horse garments, their magnets can be easily adapted / affixed to existing horse garments. Some human garments from NIKKEN can also be altered to function for horses and small animals.  

Click Here to download Nikken Catalog U.S.

Impulse Line Pulsed Magnetic Therapy System

PULSED MAGNETIC THERAPY: We use the Impulse Line magnetic therapy system for horses.  This system is produced in Germany and offers many features and benefits it's competitors do not.  The Impulse Line is used by many leading horsemen worldwide with great results.

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